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I knew I had issues in the area from last year irrigation install. I found small rocks while doing the trench. I fixed that part last year. This year I thought I had a bit more to do. Oh I was so wrong!

My plan was to lift 2x2ft sections and take the small rocks out. You could see this area struggling. When I did the first section I discovered this is worst than I thought. I filled 6 buckets of just this section. The kids try to help. I ended up placing and packing 4 bags of topsoil. I still have 5 more sections to do and no more topsoil.

I don't know what to do with all these rocks. It is too heavy for the trash can. It is a nice present from the builder. :evil:

I do need to pull a @wardconnor and vacuum the lawn. These will cause damage to the reel.

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What a pain.
As I am thinking about putting a border around my house, the first thought that comes to mind is this: is there a mulched area that could be redone with rocks?

Although I imagine that they are not attractive.
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