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Leveling my Lawn. Just Overseeded.

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My Backyard was a absolute nightmare. Just purchased my first house and wanted to get the lawn cleaned up. Grass hadnt been edged in years and overgrew my curbs and pathways. Backyard was full of holes from the previous owners dog and i decided to put down a new layer of top soil to fill and level things out a bit. After Shoveling / Distributing 6 Tons of topsoil i put down some KBG Seed. I should have looked a bit more into my current grass before i seeded but ill see what happens. I think i have Zoysia Grass underneath that was mostly dead. Should i use some fertalizer immediatly or wait on the seeds to sprout a bit. Hoping i can at least mow the lawn without worrying about breaking a ankle or scalping a section.

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I grabbed some of the Scotts Starter with Weed Preventer today and put it down. Doing my best to keep it moist without causing puddles to form. Will let you know how it goes.
Germination started today. Starting to pop through in a bunch of areas. Heats been rough but I'm staying on top of watering.
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A lot of scattered germination today. Hopefully it can hold on through the heat. I'm seeing areas of purple stems sprouting(Maybe roots?)
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Reelcrazy said:
how much zoysia do you think you had? Unless you rip it out or few apps of kill all if lucky. its only going to come back once you start feeding it. Everyone laughs at zoysia in jeresy but it grows very well depending where your located. I've removed all my zoysia only to have it come back 5 years later and that's with trying to control it.
A lot of Zoysia and weeds. I didn't realize it was zoysia until i had already started. I expect it to come back by next year but I'm gonna see what happens. i will likely re topdress next year and just let the zoysia come through. I was mostly concerned about filling the holes but i need another 5 or 6 tons of topsoil to get it more level.
I think the Heat and Humidity is winning. Woke up today and noticed some fungus. Killed in small circular patches. From the identifying guide it looks like PB. Scotrs DiseaseEX is the only local product I think I can get. I've got a lot of rain heading my way tomorrow and not sure if it's the best idea to put that down on newly germinated seed.

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