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Lesco Chelated Micro Mix

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MQ's liquid fertilizing thread had me looking for something that could be had 'off the shelf' instead of ebaying ingredients and rolling my own.

I was walking around in SiteOne the other day I saw this stuff:

Anyone ever use it before? If so, what were your results and/or opinion of the stuff. It's about $43 for a 2.5 gallon container.
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If your soil is in the proper ph range to maximize nutrient uptake you should see noticeable results with this. I use it a couple times per year at the 8oz./k rate. It is a little light on iron content so I supplement with a product by Winfield called "Gravity L" to boost that.
I'm not sure if applied alone that it would (or would not) provide a noticeable greening effect. I have always applied it with other nitrogen and iron containing products. I am usually applying this product with the end goal of promoting lateral spread to fill in holes or thickening the turf. If your goal is just good color I would look for a similar product to the "gravity L" I mentioned. I get it locally at a farm supply store you may have a place that carries it also. It runs about $35 per 2.5 gal. I typically apply everything at 20gal/acre rate of carrier.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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