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Lawn_newbie's 2018 lawn journal

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After a bad injury and with extra time on my hands I have decided to take over my lawn maintenance. My family has lived in the home for eight years and we have always had a chemical and lawn guy. The yard has never looked as nice as my neighbors but I was too concerned with starting a family to bother worrying about a yard.

What I found the most interesting was the first recommendation every lawn guide made was to perform a soil test. My chemical guy never performed one. My father always said before you buy anything make sure you know enough to not be scammed. I was scammed for eight years.

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I don't have Bermuda grass, but it's looks good to me. It's great that you've decided to manage the lawn. Having that control area is a fantastic idea. :thumbup:

At my previous house, I had a national lawn service for ~6 years. I don't believe they did a soil test either at least I never saw any test results, but with all the bi-monthly dumping of herbicides and fertilizer, the lawn looked nice. Until I started taking care of my current lawn and learning what's in each lawn product, I was ignorant of the amount and toxicity of chemicals the lawn care company was putting down to kill weeds at the previous house.
Lawn_newbie said:
@Powhatan Are you using mostly organic for your lawn?
@Lawn_newbie not allot right now, but hoping to do more. My woods have wild animals that periodically pass thru the yard looking for food and I think the organics from the feed store would probably feed the animals more than the soil. :lol:

For fertilizer depending on time of year either biosolids (Milorganite) with synthetic slow release (Scotts), or fast release for last fall application. Sometimes I mix each together depending on the special application, such as starter fertilizer with mesotrione, or just feel like mixing, usually try 80/20 ratio. My soil is sandy, so it needs more slow release.

I have used a couple organic EcoLogic products for herbicides and pesticides and I like those.

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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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