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Lawn reno help me pick

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I have a good 30000 square feet in my back yard that is mostly weeds. I plan on doing a reno this fall of about 10000 of it. I figure I'll break it up in thirds to be able to handle it a little easier especially the irrigation part of it. I am looking into an irrigation system but not sure that's in the cards this year. Anyway I'm thinking I want a KBG lawn I was thinking of TTTF & KBG but thought I would try KBG first and if I have issues I can always overseed with TTTF. Can you please help me with the mix of kinds of KBG? I was thinking bewitched for sure since there is a few spots that are a little shady.
Other types I was thinking was
I have never done a KBG reno so def need your help here
Most of my lawn has sun for at least 6 hours there are a few areas against fence thujha lines that are less maybe 3 or 4.
I have 2 little dogs so that shouldn't be to bad.
Not sure about irrigation might get a system if not I should be able to handle the watering needs especially after the lawn is established.
I am taking a soil sample of the area and bringing to get a test done. Ct does it for free and will tell me what I need to get ready for my new lawn.
My plan is to nuke the site with roundup let it die then cut super low bagging all the clippings. Hit it with my york rake on my JD 1025. Then nuke again. I wait another week or 2. Top dress with 2 - inches of topsoil grade and level. Put down the nutrients I need according to the soil test.

Then seed and cover with peat moss.
Any help I would appreciate
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@JDgreen18 adding fuel to the fire.. check out my post KBG Monostand vs TTTF+KBG mix. You can't go wrong either way. :thumbsup:
JDgreen18 said:
So comparing the two if you had to do it all over which way would you go? All KBG or TTTF & KBG...seems like the mix of the 2 is a little easier all around.
Honestly, I like both. The backyard was my first reno and wanted fast germination (TTTF) with the ability to repair (KBG). If you have the patience then go with KBG, if not... TTTF & KBG.

TTTF & KBG Day 21


KBG Day 21

You can see just how full the TTTF & KBG lawn is.

As far as maintenance go, I treat both equally the same.
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JDgreen18 said:
I love the look of the tttf and kbg mixed I think im going this route...where did you get your seed from im gonna order asap so I dont change my mind again lmao
For TTTF I used The Hogan Blend and for the KBG I used Summit Seed but they no longer sell to the public. Ask Hogan if they have a KBG mix that goes well with their TTTF blend. My TTTF/KBG blend is in my signature.
JDgreen18 said:
I just ordered *** blend from Hogans I will try it I'm not scared lol
Awesome! :thumbup: Do you remember what cultivars are in the blend?
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