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Lawn Leveling - Pre Grass

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For those that had build their lawn from scratch, or Reno'd an older uneven bumpy lawn. How did you rectifying the unevenness? I'm prepping for sod and would like to hear how other had done it.

My lawn has some large sweeping hills and lows. Without bringing in a box drag I decided to go the route of a soil condition aka Harley rake aka box rake aka power rake. It's suppose to give me best of 2 worlds providing a level surface and a nice 2" top soil.

Those that have used the said machine. Did it work well? Or do you recommend something else to make an even grade in a yard.?
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I actually sell this type of equipment for a living. Harley rakes are generally used for leveling and rock removal pre-sod installation. Final grade work can also be done with box blade on a small compact tractor. The track loader/Harley rake is a very aggressive approach. If you are wanting to re-grade your entire yard, this is the fastest way to do this. you will aslo have issues with soil compaction and access due to the size and weight. If this option is hard to find, There are also 3 pt mounted Harley rakes for small tractors or a mini dingo with Harley rake attachment. Looking at all of your pictures, If it was me, I would rent a powered dethatcher first and hit the high spots hard, then I would hit the low spots with an 80/20 topsoil/sand mix. I always hate to see all your hardwork get torn up for no reason.
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