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Lawn level relative to path

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Assuming a height of cut of about 50mm / 2 inches, how the seed bed be levelled relative to the hardscaping, be that hard edging for the borders of the path that runs down the side of the garden?

A: Level with the path so that the grass "sticks out" above the path

  • + can run the reel straight over the path to cut the grass smoothly along the edge
  • + the grass kind of pops in the garden this way
  • - over time might settle to below the path line requiring topping up 10mm at a time
  • - mower will not actually be touching the soil and will be a few mm over the soil on the turf

B: Below the level of the path

  • + as thatch layer turf builds up will come up to meet the path level
  • - looks kind of dull
  • - could be dangerous to the reel
  • - will need to strim round the edges otherwise I will end up with a raised edge

C: Above the level of the path

  • + as the grass settles will end up dropping down
  • - looks ugly
  • - very hard to fix after the fact, however can be acheived with a verticutter and blowing the soil out

Here is the plan of the back garden:

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Thanks for the comments, I've updated a couple of the pro's and con's :)

Interesting that clay can have such a pronounced effect, I have very loam'y/silt'y free draining soil so I suppose that will have a less pronounced effect on the height of the soil. I think I am going to go for 'A' as I am concerned that I will damage the hardscaping and/or the reel is all slate so will show damage quite substantially.
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