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Oh wow
I dont know if I would.
Im in Middle Tennessee.
This summer has been a mild one.
Zoysia is slow growing.
I personally think its a little late.
With that said I know builders that are laying sod and it does ok with a mild winter.
Have you already did a lawn kill?
If you havent then I would wait.
Its mid Aug. After 2 weeks of grass kill your in Sept.

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You can sod anytime you want to. I moved into my house in Feb '06 and they laid the sod down a month or two before that and my lawn turned out fine. You just got to make sure that once it starts warming up outside that first year you start giving it some water so it can grow and start setting roots.

I know you are going with zoysia but I think as long as you can get it to root before it freezes you should be good to go. It might help to if you ask the sod farm and see what they say also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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