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Late 2017 backyard Reno - large lime areas

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We did a full renovation in late 2017 (late September / early October)to expand our lawn to our lot line. We had many large ash and pine in a wooded lot area. The lawn was always an afterthought as it had been in horrible shape when we purchased the house. I occasionally would put the Scotts weed and feed products and expect miracles, which never came.

After removing the trees we had a local lawn service level the area (many loads of fill and topsoil brought in) and seed. It was thin in the fall but came on strong this spring. The area inside the fence was not renovated (see all the clover). This was the best area of my lawn hostorically. The area to the upper left (after a 3' drop off) is my neighbors lawn which is maintained by the same lawn service. Ive never paid for lawn service - and had the ughly lawn in the area. But complete domination is coming....

Since becoming lawn enlightened (or on my way at least) I've gotten on the "hybrid organic plan" for cool season lawns. I've thrown down started feet (with a pre pre emergent) in the spring. 2 applications of Milo. And put down grub control in June.

Overall I've been happy with the results. Though I'm now frustrated with myself as I never specified seed type for the Reno - and now wish I done used ***. Instead I have a lean of PRG. I'm sure I'll learn to live my PRG - but I will always lust for a *** lawn.

There are large areas of lime green grass. Any idea what that may be? My contractor (over the phone) suggested the need for lime. I admittedly haven't tested as I assumed the tops soil I purchased must be "perfect". I applied some lime in early June - and waiting to see the results. I'll do more lime serious in the fall. (I know in our area we typically can assume the need for lime in spring and fall).

I believe there may be more going on than simply the lime. Possibly the fill/topsoil was of bad quality or was not spread evenly. Or possibly tree roots still underground may be causing some issues. Lastly, while we tried to level the lawn - there is still a slope all the way from the rock wall to the house. There was just to much of a drop off to make things truest level. Actually I'm a little disappointed with that result - but will have to deal with it. I may try to use sand to level a few areas more over time.

Note: front lawn (not renovated) has other issues which I'll post about another time.

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Are these good? They are of the lime area in the top left. I see some areas that might look like fungal (to my untrained eye) however these area have been lime lime this all spring.
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g-man said:
I think you should do a soil test by a good lab. The lime you applied will screw up some of the results. The lime areas are large enough that I dont think it is poa t and it could just be lack of iron. It also looks that you went light on the nitrogen this year. It might be a little hungry, feed it a snack (not a full meal) half bag rate of milo (Nitrogen + iron).

I would not apply more lime to your lawn without a test. And I would also not listen to anyone that tells you to apply lime without a test.
Upon you recommendation I completed a Soil Savey lab test. These results are pulled from my backyard area only, where we had completed the 2017 renovation. The recommendation is for a 10-0-6 organic fert at 7.25 lbs/k. My PH is actually high at 7.15, so the recommendation to add PH was definitely incorrect. Is it possible that my PH is testing high as a residual from my application on June 2nd (Samples taken on June 26). The iron came in right on target at 3.27 (recommended range 2-4).

One thing that did surprise me was just how high P was 20.4 vs. the recommended range of 4-10. Is that concerning?

I've finally been able to source some Milo which I plan to apply next weekend one it cools. Or should I stock this milo for a fall app and go buy the 10-0-6?

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Interestingly my lawn in the front (which was not renovated) could not be more different. This shows more what I expected after not keeping up with fert applications in years past
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Posting an update. Had some leftover Scott's winter fertilizer (32-0-10) so I targeted the lime looking areas to give them the Potassium, as well as a light feeding of Mili everywhere. I also have some 0-0-60 on the way which I'll broadcast in the lime areas. In the fall I plan to use Ringer 10-0-6, again to boost the Potassium.

(pS - I know I need to spray that crabgrass in the fence area. My sprayer fan tip stopped spray tim g well and I need to diagnose why. It's just a cheap roundup sprayer)

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