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Lapping compound deal

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Hey guys, I've been looking for a decent deal on lapping compound for a while. Found this deal on amazon and jumped on it. It's 1lb of 80 grit and 1lb of 120 grit with an application brush for $20.

Everything I found before was for huge quantities and it was pretty pricy.

Homeowners Reel Sharpening Starter Kit

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Just got this order in through Amazon. Comes directly from jesco and they did not package it very well. My 80 grit compound was busted all inside the package. Requested a replacement through Amazon from them so we will see if they make it right

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Box looked fine. What I think happened is when they packaged it, they shoved the brush through the side of the container. I already received an email back and they are shipping me a replacement on Monday.
@Ware yep I got about a third of the compound into a container
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