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Lapping Compound alternative

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Has anyone used this for backlapping? All of a sudden my blades are super dull and I don't want to wait for an order from Amazon or other sites. I really need to cut today so I was wondering if this will work? I can buy this locally @ Napa autoparts for about 6.29.

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Any idea what grit that is? Have you adjusted your reel to bedknife clearance?

If it were me I would make a reel to bedknife adjustment to get through my next couple cuts and order something like the Pinhigh Kit to do a formal backlapping.

How dull is it? If it is "super dull" backlapping may not help. You may need a fresh grind.
booneatl said:
I was cutting fine a few weeks ago but just recently noticed that I'm not getting a good cut. Fails the paper test too.

I'll try the reel to bedknife adjustment and see if that helps first.....I've never backlapped so I was hoping that would be the solution.

Thank you!
I would definitely try adjusting first then - I adjust my reel to bedknife a number of times between backlapping. Even if you can only get it cutting a folded strip of paper (double thickness) it should be fine until you can get some backlapping compound in your hands. :thumbsup:
booneatl said:
Thank you guys.......I'll try the adjustment first and go from there. I actually live less than a mile from a golf course and I went by there today to see if they would share with me but the manager wasn't on site. I have never backlapped so I'll need to watch the videos and read up on how to go about it. I've glanced over the threads on backlapping but have never done this myself.
What mower do you have? Add it to your profile when you get a chance. :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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