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I'll admit to being an enthusiastic lawn newbie. Always had a nice lawn but stepping it up at a new house. Labels can be confusing to me. I know I'm a little late but got my Lesco and SpreaderMate and HAVE to use it so I'm gonna put down some Prodiamine. Details:

12,200 sf
Pushed spreadenate at a slow walk and used 8 gals of water.

So if I use the .5 oz/1000, would I put 6 ozs by weight prodiamine in the 8 gals, mix and apply?

Have learned a ton on the forum but finding out I have a ton yet to learn. Just start second guessing myself and don't want to make a huge mistake especially with the herbicide applications.

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The water is just the carrier. Ignore the water for just a moment.

Your yard is 10k (based on your profile). If the dosage you're going for is 0.5oz of prodiamine per 1k of lawn, then you would be applying 5oz of prodiamine, spread evenly as possible across the whole area.

Back to the water, there is usually a minimum amount. In this case, you could use ten gallons or a 100 gallons, the goal is even application of the chemical.
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