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Kolbasz's 2018 Lawn Journal

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My only thought is that I need to try an keep some order. I figure if I try to force myself to document my activities, I will know what I did and when.

I usually think these sorts of things are a good idea and then quickly get lazy and forget to mark things, so we will see how it goes.

First cut of the year, while I am usually quick to take HOC up, this year, I want to take it down (at least in the beginning):

2" HOC

Second mow of the year (04/21/2018), took things down to 1.5" HOC:

Third mow of the season at 1.5" HOC
Applied Prodiamine at .37oz/M

Starter Fertilizer 18/24/12

2" HOC

Tenacity .55oz/M
PGR .5oz/M

2" HOC Front
2.5" HOC back

2" HOC Front
2.5" HOC back

.27oz/M Prodiamine application for fall

PGR .75oz/M

.33#N/M (29-0-4 15# total)
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kolbasz said:
The weather has been brutal to date. I wore a winter hat to work this morning, so annoying.
But your grass is looking pretty green. I like it @kolbasz
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