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How the lawn sits today. (6/8/2019)

2019 Fertilizer and Chemical Applications
17 March - Pre-emergent, TalstarP
19 April - PGR
5 May - PGR, CarbonX
16 May - PGR, TalstarP
24 May - PGR

The Beginning
My wife and I decided to settle down in San Antonio after our enlistments both ended in the Air Force. We never got to own a home due to our frequent moves so we splurged a little whenever it came time to buy our first home. Luckily I still had my VA loan available and back in 2012 the interest rates were low and even lower for disabled veterans (2.75% if you're curious). Being our first home my priority wasn't the lawn. The first year I would only mow when it got high and pulled weeds when they got big. Starting in 2014 I started to take a little more care of my lawn but as you can see from the picture, I wasn't doing that great of a job.


In 2015 I met a guy at work who was getting into lawn care. He showed me pictures of what he was able to accomplish with a Fiskers reel mower. I was pretty amazed to say the least. This got me into at least keeping my lawn as pristine as I could with the mower I had (2008 Craftsman rotary). I started to fertilize frequently and sprayed weedkiller every few months. You have to admit I did a pretty good job with that rotary.


Not much changed in 2016. I still had my rotary but I tried to keep the lawn low. This, as you can see, had its issues with scalping. I knew next season I would need to get a reel mower. This was a challenge since lawn care isn't a huge hobby in South Texas. I scoured Craigslist but could never find a good mower at a good price. So I decided to buy new and at the time the Allett Kensington caught my eye with its interchangable cartridges. So I saved up and pulled the trigger and bought one from Super Sod.


I started 2017 off right with a good scalping with my new reel mower but ran into issues immediately with the lawn. I knew that it was in need of a good leveling. So once the grass started taking off, I asked a few of my work buddies to assist me in leveling my lawn. I ordered five yards of mason sand but only used about 3 1/2 yards in the front. The rest I used in the back in a few places.


The leveling paid off well but it still wasn't perfect. I knew next season I would need to do it again. I also ran into some issues in some spots where the grass was struggling. Turned out to be some crappy soil that wouldn't hold water. I did what I could but waited until the following season to address it properly.

While I've been pretty impressed with my Allett it is by no means a perfect reel mower. My biggest complaints are the reel and bedknife adjustment and the soft steel used to manufacture the reel itself. I found myself constantly readjusting the reel and bedknife after every other mow. The six blade reel that came with the mower dulled in a matter of weeks so I had to backlap. This helped a little but I could never get the leading edge to cut paper without making it rub against the bedknife. The ten blade reel cartridge hasn't had this issue...yet. I decided at the end of the year to purchase a greens mower from one of the Week's auctions. So at the begining of 2018 I picked up a Jacbosen Greens King 522A and had it shipped to SA. As of today I love it although it is a beast!


Jacobsen Greens King 522A - Rebuild Thread
Allett Kensington 17B w/ Six blade reel, Ten blade reel, Lawn brush, and Verticutter (review coming soon)
Craftsman Rotary Mower
Spyker P40 Spreader
Echo 58v Trimmer w/ Landscape blade and edger attachments
Echo 58v Blower
Chapin 20v Backpack Sprayer w/ DFW wand

Chemicals and Fertilizer
Trin-Pac Select PGR
Prodiamine 65WDG Pre-emergent
Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate
Celsius WG Herbicide
TalstarP Incecticide

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Wow, you've got a great looking place. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious of how level that lot is. Looks like you're taking a lots of steps in the right direction, and give me encouragement.
gatormac2112 said:
@Killbuzz are there different versions of the 58v trimmer? I was looking at one at HD today and it said it couldn't take attachments. I want to make sure I get the one that is PAS compatible so I can use the LB and edger attachment

EDIT: on the echo website it says this about 58v and PAS
It is compatible with the ECHO PAS string trimmer, pruner, blower, dethatcher and cultivator attachments. It has only been UL listed for the string trimmer.

So it sounds completely compatible, not sure what UL listed even means
Underwriters Labatories. The company has to pay big bucks to have the power head listed with UL to get the little sticker on it meaning it's not going to explode into flames when it's being used to power the pruner, blower, dethatcher and cultivator attachments.
1 - 3 of 103 Posts
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