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So I have TTTF for the "lawn" part of my yard (36k sq/ft). It's fairly thick in most places with some really annoying bare and thin areas. I have to sod a couple areas because of drainage issues. I am going to go with KBG because I am sick of overseeing. Question is, if I start plugging KBG, what do you think it's success will be with TTTF all around it? I'm going to go with HGT KBG.
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As long as the area is conducive to growing KBG in terms of the soil and the weather, plugging with KBG will work just fine. TTTF is not a competitive grass or anything like that. You might wish to sprinkle some TTTF seed on top of the area after plugging, to blend it in better, though.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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