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KBG reno: when to change irrigation schedule

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Question up front, further explanation below: How long past seed down are folks usually switching over to infrequent deep watering?

I renovated last Fall with a mix of KBG & hybrid cultivars (Barvette, Barduke, Barrari, Everglade, Midnight, Award, NuGlade, Keeneland, SPF30). July & Aug's heat really hurt some areas so I'm planning to completely renovate or PGR & slit overseed with the Barvette HGT mix and Mazama this Fall. In preparation, I started thatch raking (by hand) this weekend and noticed that in several of the most dormant areas I actually pulled up entire bunches of sod. There was an immense amount of root mass for about 1" of soil, with hardly any deeper roots. I water deeply as needed using a Rachio controller (usually 1-2 times per week). This has me wondering if perhaps I should change my irrigation schedule for the renovation this year. At seed down, I watered for only a few minutes 4-5 times per day depending on temp. This worked really well for germination. I don't exactly remember when I changed the watering schedule away from that, but perhaps it was too late?
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I'm seeing green in that chunk.. could it be the new grass just needs more water? This first summer I have been watering 1in twice a week and it thrived. Even if it is patchy you can get KBG to fill in with aggressive N.
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