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Kawasaki FE120 Carburetor Repair Kit

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I have a GM1000 with the Kawasaki FE120 engine and am trying to find a carb repair kit online. Anyone purchased one of these for this engine before?

Took the carb apart last night to clean it out and after I put it all back together it was leaking gas out of the overflow tube on the carb. Took it apart again and noticed the spring on the float valve was missing. Don't remember ever seeing it when I took it apart, but it must have fallen off somewhere and now I can't find it. Trying to find a kit with new seals and float valve and spring but am having trouble. If anyone has tracked one of these down before I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
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Greendoc said:
If my FE 120 ever acts up again, a Honda GX 160 I stripped from a Tru-Cut with a failed transmission system is waiting in the garage.
I would totally be inclined to buy a new one from Northern Tool. It's a tad bit over $300 for a brand new one, with warranty. But if you wanted to go on the cheap, you could always go with the Hazard Fraud Predator and have 52 cc of more displacement for just $119.99. You know the old adage, "No replacement for displacement."
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