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Figured I've asked a few questions here and there and it's time for a journal. I will copy lawn history from previous thread into here when I am on computer later this weekend, but I have one question I want to confirm before I start spraying tomorrow...

Can I seed a weak section of the lawn, and fill in some bare spots 1-2 weeks after blanket app of tenacity? I plan to use the 2 oz/ acre rate tomorrow but will not have time to prepare and seed the area where the dog uses or a few other bare spots. Can I do those next weekend or do you have to seed at the same time as spraying tenacity?

**Full history of lawn

Hello all. First post, been reading around a bit and loving the information. I'm a first time homeowner, and lawncare is in my blood as my grandfather was the first to start hydroseeding in the state of Virginia... he got the contracts for seeding interstate 81 and 64 as they were being finished. Dad is in the geotextile industry, and uncle still runs the company grandad started.

Anyways, enough of that. I purchased my home in Feb of 2016 and had no idea what the lawn would look like when it woke up - well it looked horrible. Bare spots, trees too low/thick, odd green patches from apparent nitrogen spray (literally a ring of bright green in the back yard)tough soil, no earthworms, and tons of weeds. I started with Scotts, not knowing any better and at least woke up the turf. First summer was spent killing the weeds, preparing mulch beds, etc. Fall 2016 after a dry September, we dethatched, aerated, and over-seeded with Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra. Fertilized with milorganite, and had good results, most all the bare spots filled in, got a stand of grass under the thick tree, and was pretty happy.

Spring 2017 lawn came out roaring, I think I put down 2 bag rate apps of milo after the first freeze (not knowing it needed heat to be metabolized by the soil). Once it warmed up they started chewing it up and grass was happy, I was mowing every 3 days for almost 2 months. I put down dimension, and spot sprayed weeds as they came up. Put down milo on Memorial Day, July 4, and then Labor Day again did aeration and overseed. Used the same seed, but this time used Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Food (Organic) and then we had a dry spell but it was hot and humid. Fungus took in hard, and lawn was hurt. I don't think much of the overseed germinated, so wasted that one. I don't have irrigation and 15,000 sqft is too much for me to water at this time. Another app of milo end of September when it rained again, the fungus grew out and most of the patches filled in. I put down Lesco winterizer 30-0-05 once the growth stopped, and now here I am.

Also forgot to mention I think I have poa growing in many places, big clumps - which is the primary reason why I don't want to use the Jonathan Green again, I'm pretty sure it came from there. The shady nooks seed I have read actually has some poa in it, and I used a small bag of that in a shaded corner of the lawn.

Thanks in advance, love the knowledge here and some of y'a'lls lawns are incredible!
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There should be no problem with seeding a week or two after an app of tenacity.
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