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Japanese Maple Pro and cons?

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In DFW area and many of my neighbors have the Japanese Maples in their gardens. I am sure they do well here but I am curious as to what issues they have such as with runners or shoots growing up in the lawn?
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Japanese maples are great. I only have to trim suckers and errant limbs to keep it shapely and up off the grass and beds.
I like all varieties. Big, small, green, purple. Fine trees.
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Ive had them growing in beds and in the lawn itself. Never had a problem with emergent roots. i have had to prune to shape and even prune off one root that was obviously going to girdle the tree at some point. That’s it. Beautiful trees.
Planting tips based on my learned experience after losing 2 jap maples in 3 years.

They like well drained soil and don't like to sit with constantly drenched roots. Amend your soil if you have heavy clay so it will drain better. Also, don't plant it to deep. Leave top of root ball 2 to inches above grade. And make sure not to put any native soil, mulch, or pine needles at the very base of the stump. The graft site cannot be at all covered
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