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Is your lawn starting to green???

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Look at this pretty looking green things starting to sprout! My plans are to level the front yard some this year, and mow closer to 1.5" with my rotary. With seeing the little green beginning to start, what should I start doing now?

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I've slowly been scalping my front over the past few weeks. Lots of green already poking through. Gotta love South Texas Winters but you also gotta hate South Texas Summers.
Suaverc118 said:
Looks great! So jealous of how leveled your yard is. Did you ever level it and if so, sand or top soil? I also because I'm just North of you, ATX.
Thanks. It's not perfectly leveled yet. I used double washed mason sand which I had delivered. Some time around the end of April I will do it again.
1 - 5 of 204 Posts
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