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Is This the start of brown patch?

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I fertilized with 16-4-8 on Memorial Day and will admit I may have overdone it slightly but had good rain for a week after so I figured I was still good to go. I did a mixture spread with fert, insect, and some spare brown spot preventer I had laying around. I noticed I am starting to get these brown areas popping up randomly. Overall the yard is filling in nicely for year 1 but I can't tell what is going on here. Is this fert burn? Would that be popping up this late? Or am I starting to get brown patch? I have an event at my house at the end of the month so I am trying to be extra precautious.

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Really hard to tell. On the close up I definitely see a few lesions with dark margins on some of the healthy blades that sure look like brown patch, but not many of them overall. The completely dead small spots lin the earlier posted pictures look like dollar spot, or dog urine, or fert burn. Given all the totality of all of what you've said, my guess would be fert burn.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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