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Is this heat stress or disease?

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Hello! New poster here. I found this forum from watching grassdaddy's videos on youtube. I have a question about a section of my lawn that looks like crap!

Zone: 6B. Grass: TTTF

My property slopes downhill from the street level. There's a giant pine tree on my property that shades the bottom of my lawn near my house. The top of the hill gets completely baked by the sun. Nearly constant sunlight. Last year we had a drought and there was a water ban in my county. The grass at the top of the hill died because, I assume, it wasn't getting any water. I reseeded in the fall and everything was great in the spring.

This year I made sure to water twice a week since summer started at a little over 1 inch of water per week, of course adjusting for when it rained. The same exact thing happened with grass at the top of the hill turning brown. At first I thought it was maybe just going dormant, but it's starting to spread and look worse.

I posted this on /r/lawncare and was told that I wasn't watering enough, so I upped the water to 1.5 inches this past week. It's been almost 2 weeks and nothing has changed other than the healthier grass got really long from all the watering.

I'm looking for advice on my next course of action. Is this salvageable or should I plan to reseed again in the coming weeks once the weather starts to turn? If so, should I try KBG instead of TTTF since KBG tolerates sun better? Thank you in advance.

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Individual Grass Blades - I already replaced the mower blade

Healthy section for comparison
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Well I see some bluegrass in the picture, and possibly some fine fescue. Are you sure it's pure TTTF and not a mix?
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