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Is this from sod webworm?

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Is this sod webworm? In the morning when dew is present ill see what looks like spider webs across the lawn.

Sorry for all the noob questions lately but definitely learning a lot! Thanks guys.

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No spiders lol, I did see your video.

I think ales_ganter is right that it may be a fungus. I had a bad rust fungus problem earlier in June but it had grown out. Now I'm left with a few brown spots that get these webs in the mornings.

Maybe I'll try the scotts fungus control.
Hopefully this will take care of it, it isn't too bad.

Wife and dog approved. (Minus the Milo smell) 😆
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Ok guys, thanks for the advice. I already put down the Milorganite but only at a half rate. I used 1 bag to cover 5K Sq Ft. The guy at the nursery said the slow release won't kick in too much until the fungus control does its job. I also have another half bag of the fungicide to throw down in a couple weeks. I'm limiting watering to once a week amd bagging clippings at 2.5".

That seem alright?
^ thats all you need to know!
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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