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What are the temps in Utah? Cool season perennial wheatgrass or Quackgrass maybe? Does it have white hairy underground stems every inch or so? The purple-ish stolon bases make me thing it is. also lower leaf sheath hair.
I put money on Quackgrass. I will go out in my field of dreams and see if i can find some and compare to picture.

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Nope. It is not. Bermuda is an illegal and a noxious weed in northern Utah. It has to be something else.

That could be a serious offense punishable by the strong arm of the law folks.

Definitely not Bermuda.

See for yourself.


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gyouska said:
I can upload a another photo. there are some deal skeletons from last year. this stuff grows as one long runner. which can reach lengths of a couple feet. I have tried pulling some out by hand last year and they are so long its ridiculous. It does look similiar to the photo of bermuda grass. this stuff dies every year tho. all growth from last year is dead and it just starts new sprouts from seed every spring.
Long runner, hmm. It has to be that illegal noxious weed.
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