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Is this a decent pre-emergent?

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Prepping for spring already.. :D

I have a lawn that's just under 4k sq. feet so I could get 2 uses out of this. It's also the cheapest I've found online at $40. I have never used pre-emergent before (outside of the Scotts Crabgrass Control, garbage..) or even seen a pre emergent sold in stores in my area.
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Mark, I understand there's a SiteOne on Walden, in Cheektowaga. Tractor supply may be an option too, one in Alden, one in Hamburg. I've also never seen a pre-em on the shelf nearby, but I haven't tried the places listed above. I think many of these product are 'for prefesional use only' due to New York laws. I have a real good garden center near me, (NorthRidge Nurseries in West Seneca) I was planning on giving them a call to talk it out. you may want to do the same.
Too funny, we just moved from over there. We were in one of the duplexes the back up to the Fire Hall.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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