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Is this a decent pre-emergent?

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Prepping for spring already.. :D

I have a lawn that's just under 4k sq. feet so I could get 2 uses out of this. It's also the cheapest I've found online at $40. I have never used pre-emergent before (outside of the Scotts Crabgrass Control, garbage..) or even seen a pre emergent sold in stores in my area.
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Great info! I agree about using a granular in March. I don't know if any local turf places, but I'll keep looking. Glad to know I can order this online though!
HA, I am a HUGE Bills fan and live about 15 minutes from the stadium. PLAYOFFS!!!!
chrisben said:
Mark, I understand there's a SiteOne on Walden, in Cheektowaga. Tractor supply may be an option too, one in Alden, one in Hamburg. I've also never seen a pre-em on the shelf nearby, but I haven't tried the places listed above. I think many of these product are 'for prefesional use only' due to New York laws. I have a real good garden center near me, (NorthRidge Nurseries in West Seneca) I was planning on giving them a call to talk it out. you may want to do the same.
Too funny, I practically live at Northridge all lawn season! That place is my go-to for everything! I only live a few minutes away near French/Borden. I am going to look up SiteOne now, I've never really heard of it or seen it. We might have to meet up at NR someday and talk lawns. :thumbup:
I went and checked out SiteOne. Awesome little place! They've got the goods that's for sure.
Interesting! I'll definitely ask them about it! I've been wondering, how necessary is PreM if I don't typically get crabgrass or poa? Will it help prevent the weeds I do get? (Mostly Dandelion and other broadleaf weeds).
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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