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Is it to late for Tenacity

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wondering if its to late in the year for Tenacity or does it not matter currently at 43 days old from planting bewitched.
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The label recommends 4 weeks or two mowings. I tend to go with the 4 weeks since mowing could be subjective.
yes i realize that im talkin so late in the year with winter coming and the grass slowing down would it be hard on the grass
The problem I see doing it now might mostly be cosmetic. I'm assuming by your location you are close to your average first frost. So with about 3 weeks + or - of growth left and it slowing down, the bleached look may not go away by the time growth stops. Whether or not that would have any negative impact on the grass.. :dunno: do you have alot of weed pressure? If so, it is your call and I would consider doing it, but I wouldn't wait and get it down asap. For comparison, it took about 14 days for the color to come back on my bewitched when I sprayed it at the 4 oz/acre rate. But that was middle-end of September when the growth rate was faster.
I would wait, tenacity this late might not kill what you are killing so itd be wasted
GrassDaddy said:
I would wait, tenacity this late might not kill what you are killing so itd be wasted
I know this could be factual or my inability to apply product correctly, but about 14 days ago I applied tenacity for bent grass as a second app to about 17ish days before that, it did nothing. Some other grass bleached and grew out but the bent is still there, chilling, waiting to annoy me next year...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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