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Hey all, I've been fumbling around on here for awhile now. Figure I should give a proper intro- I'd rather be working outside right now, but it's mega hot and doodling around on thelawnforum is about as close as I can get until it cools down. :bandit:
We just finished construction on our place about 3 or 4 months ago, starting construction on the garage/shop hopefully next week, looking forward to being way more productive once I get all my tools in one place and under a roof. I've got tons to do other than work on the lawn but it still seems to be taking up a lot of my time and interest.
The home site still has a bunch of ground that'll get turf established. Overall it might be 5000ft2 now and will wind up being a little under an acre when all done. I'm going at it right now with a pro plugger which won't be feasible for the whole thing. I finally talked a nearby producer into selling me sprigs of zeon, so I'll probably just keep plugging along this year and then sprig everything next spring after I've had time to really prep ground good. On my reading list for this afternoon is this pub, I used to use ProGibb in table grapes sometimes and am thinking it might be usefull for motivating my zoysia.
I decided to get Zeon Zoysia, I was told it's a pretty sturdy drought and shade tolerant grass. I don't know about that, but it is super dense and should strangle weeds out pretty good, and it's super soft and nice to walk on barefoot.
I got a Toro 216 triplex from a freelance golf equipment mechanic which is way overkill for what I have now, but I'll grow into it.
I think I have my irrigation timed out pretty well, but have a butt load of trees to remove to get 100% full sun across most of it. My soil is really sandy, so no big drainage problems and property is pretty flat with a natural slope to the east (where I'm working on digging a 3 ac pond).
Anyways, that's a little about me, I've started a lawn from scratch once before, but never really got into it, irrigating with municipal water on their calendars was always a butt pain, now I can water whenever and however much I want off my own well, so that's one less excuse for perfection.
Today I nuked all the weeds with RU, 2,4-D, and Dicamba in the fallow areas, mowed and put down some triple 10 and milo and put in maybe 50 more plugs before I had to jump in the pool to avoid spontaneous combustion.
Also, I'm a soil scientist, and have a career background in permanent crops like grapes, almonds, walnuts, pistachio, pecan, and row crops, so any info I can help the forum out with would be my pleasure, but I think i'll probably be asking more questions than i'll be answering.
p.s. I know I've posted photos before from my iphone, but seem to be having trouble with it today on the pc. idk
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