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Intro and To Reno or not to Reno, that is the question.

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Hello. Name is Matt. Total lawn newbies. Seriously, I know nothing.
I've gone by Dark Sarcasm on other forums, mostly cars and jeep.

Just moved to Chicagoland, new construction. The builder did sod last fall in the front yard. They did seed in the back. Front yard looks nice this summer. A few spots of crabgrass, coming from the vacant lot next door I'm sure, that I'm using OTC products to combat. Back yard is a disaster. Total disaster.

What is the lawn renovation process? How do I know if I need a full lawn Reno or can work,with what I've got? Amy good links to pages or threads to get me started?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks all. I will get some pics and report back.
Dark Sarcasm said:
Backyard pics
Well, I can't get the pics to work. I don't have a 3rd party host for pics anymore. I've been able to post pics from my phone on all the other forums, sorry for the inconvenience.
A little history on the backyard....

When the builder put down the seed they installed a mesh to keep the straw in place. That plastic mesh is still there. I have slowly been pulling it up as I come across it.

When the crabgrass came in I went down to the Depot and picked up some weed killer. Followed the directions :D and it seems to have burnt the grass in the backyard. Same application in the front yard with no adverse effects, that I can tell.

I buzzed the backyard the last time I mowed. I realize I probably should have mowed it at my normal height but its just so ugly I couldn't stand looking at it anymore.
Finally, lol.

Front yard looks good from a distance but up close there is some browning

More backyard pics

I have 2 empty lots next door that are not maintained so I figure I will be fighting the crabgrass forever. I think my best approach should be to create the best lawn possible in between the crabgrass attacks each year. Once the lawn is established I can then start using pre-emergent to help combat the crabgrass.
So I'm thinking I need to aerate this fall, add seed to the backyard and when spring arrives I will aerate again, more seed and get on a good watering program of one inch a week, after the seed takes. Maybe next by spring of 2019 I can start using pre-emergent to control the crabgrass.

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Thank you everyone. I've got a lot of reading and homework to do but I'm motivated and excited to get my backyard healthy.
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