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Imidacloprid vs GrubEx

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I'm needing to order one or the other for my preventative grub control. I've used GrubEx in the past and have had success with it. I was thinking I would go with Imidacloprid this time so I could get multiple sprays from the bottle instead of throwing down 2 of the big bags of GrubEx. I have 17k sq ft so it takes a good bit to cover that. $100 for every two bags vs $100 for a gallon that would last at least a couple of years.

My question is, how much destruction do the ones that use Imidacloprid see to their earthworm population?

I dug up several Dallisgrass plants this afternoon and had earthworms in almost every single hole. I just don't like the feeling of knowing I will be killing them by going after grubs.

I haven't had much of a problem with grubs in the past, but have had a few mole crickets and armyworms. Curious what affect y'all see on your good worms when using Imidacloprid.
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Imidacloprid isn't technically labeled to kill or prevent worms but I have heard it does a decent job. I have been using it for years now and I don't have hardly a worm in the lawn which is fine by be as I reel mow so having worms can be a PIA. I guess it all comes down to how much are those worms worth to you?
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