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Identify lawn organism

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I have Bermudagrass. It is patchy in one part of the yard and this black stuff is growing in the bald areas and covering the dirt. It is also growing in some areas under the grass. Is this something that needs treating? If so, how?

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Do those areas get full sun? Do they have standing water after a good rain storm? My initial thoughts are that you may need/want to aerate and/or verticut that area and possibly top dress with some sand and make sure you are fertilizing and mowing on the regular also.
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Looks like algae and some moss growing on the soil surface, and what @Mightyquinn is alluding to.
That's algae of some kind. It rakes up very easy with a thatch rake.
Thanks all. Yes, it gets full sun with no shade. Sometimes water stands there as well.
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