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I planted annual rye in my tttf/kbg lawn thinking it was annual

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Hey guys, long time lurker first time 6a.

I reno'd my lawn last September. It turned out near perfect. But as all things, timing was not in my favor and my Landscaper had to push our work off until mid October, meaning my work was 50% undone.

The Landscaper made a strip of 6' wide and 140' long, he ended up leveling it and backfilling it with fresh top soil/compost. I asked him, and another couple of landscaping stores if I should throw tttf/kbg seed down, or if I should do annual rye just to avoid wasting money & having the soil wash out- I'm on a very hilly lot. They all agreed annual rye.

I scalped in november, dormant seeded after scarifying, rake it clean, put peat, fert, etc....watered religiously....and now all I have is annual.

How do I remove this lime green bane of my existence?

Let it die from heat after a good scalp? But won't it seed due to the seed heads that fell this month?

Nuke the strip?
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Let the weather deal with it and use pre-emergent spring and fall to keep it from coming back up. Of course, if you are reseeding that would be counterproductive. I don't think Tenacity is effective on annual rye.
There’s no selective herbicide to kill of annual rye in your tttf/kbg lawn. All you can do is try to stress it out as much as possible to jot make it through the summer. And pluck out whatever you can. But if your site conditions are favorable to Rye that may be easier said than done. You may need to glyphosate that portion and start fresh come fall. See what you can eliminate over the summer with cultural controls and that should dictate your path.
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