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Guys, not sure if this is known, but it sure wasn't known to me.

I've noticed the Poa annua spots in the yard the last few weeks have been looking like they have been eaten by something..... and I pretty much knew it was the deer eating them. I didn't put much thought to it though.

And then the other day I was wondering how the heck I have so much Poa in parts of the yard this year... Even when we bought the house 2 years ago and they did NOTHING for the lawn, there was none of it anywhere.

Then it came to me - the deer seem to love them some poa - they eat the seeds, and then crap them in my yard! They are the nasty invader that brings all the poa annua seeds into the yard!

I used to have a crab apple tree right in the center of the back yard, and midsummer through fall they would come and feast on the apples, and poop all over the place. Last July I cut it down, so they still were coming to look for the apples and not finding anything, they browsed around and left some poops filled with more lovely poa seeds.

Is this a known thing? Am I wrong and crazy? Do I need to ignore the fiance and find a creative way to get rid of the deer?

Happy Monday.

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I don't know anything about Poa transport through the GI tract. Seeds are likely still viable, maybe even primed to then grow in mulch (poop).

I also wonder about any seed that you've bought/sewn, mechanical aeration, contaminated mower, etc that can spread Poa annua, etc.
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