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Husqvarna Automower 115H : minimum width accepted

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Hello Gents
I recently bought my first automower. It is the start-up model 115H of Husqvarna. It still in the box unopened waiting to know if I didn't bought the wrong automower, because of the following questions that I'm not able to get answers.

I would like to know if the automower would pass through the red arrow on top without a guide wire. The narrow space is 49 inch. Following the other red arrows on the top through to left, it is all grass that need to be cut. So I'm wondering too if it can follow a narrow path width in range between 49 inch and 68 inch.

Below the picture, in front of the red arrow, I'm planning to use the guide wire installed through the narrow area of 39 inch. I'm wondering if it still ok to move back and forth to cut the grass in front and back of the house.
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