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Humic Acid

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Does anybody use this? The grass Factor recently posted a good video on who this is a Chelating agent and will supplement you lawns fertilizing program. It's not that expensive ($9.00 a gallon from his source), but I wanted to see if anybody has any experience and/or if we really need it? Also, what kind of yard would one need to benefit from this? Poor soil? Bare/thing spots? etc.

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The alkaline Humic products are designed to restructure soil. Soil becomes or is compacted because it has clay particles that have bonded together into a large solid mass. The theory behind humic products is that it encourages the clay to form individual particles that are not packed into an impermeable mass. I have soil that is the texture of grease when it is wet. Aeration with hollow core machines leaves masses of mud that is the texture of grease. I do not use the product thegrassfactor uses. I use a sprayable humic/fulvic concentrate. After a year of treatment, soil that started out with the texture of grease is now more like loam.
I use a dry soluble from Andersons Golf called K-Mate SG. 1 lb per acre per application for up to 11 per year.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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