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Humic acid

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Anyone have any experience using this product? It doesnt list active ingredients. I got this from Amazon and am wondering if it is legit. It was fairly inexpensive.

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Don't mean to hijack your thread, but just curious, why choose liquid/water soluble humic acid solution over granular (i.e. )?
ericgautier said:
gm560 said:
I would prefer to use granular, but haven't been able to source it in a way that isn't a multiple of the cost of the soluble powder. This is probably because I have only looked into online sellers and shipping 50 lbs of product is expensive.

Once nice thing about the liquid is that I can mix it with kelp, fish fert, or a liquid aerifier in the hose end sprayer.
Give Reed and Perrine a call. They might carry straight Humic DG in granular form. I am trying their 17-0-3 which contains Humic as an ingredient.

yea, gm560 please give them a call (I called them last week or so and they didn't have it then.. hehe)
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