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Howdy all!

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Hey everybody!

New to the forum and serious lawn care alike. I have no idea what grass I have as the builder couldn't tell me. I have been mowing with a Fiskars at about 2-3in and would love to get it lower. My yard needs to be "smoothed" as it is fairly horrendous. I am a novice when it comes to lawn care in general, I have only mowed and edged, with the fertilizing and such being done by a company.

I want to learn to do it all myself sooner rather than later. Attached are some pics I took today, last cut was on Thursday. Any advice on where/what to start on would be appreciated. I know it's late in the season and I may not get much done before it goes dormant(whatever "it" is).

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I agree with Jayhawk and would also recommend getting a soil test done. I think it will provide some insight on what you are dealing with from a soil perspective, and go from there.

I'd also recommend searching for a generic bermuda grass care calendar that you can follow. It will (somewhat) take the guess work out of what to apply and when.

Here is a link to a calendar that Walter Reeves (aka the Georgia Gardener) published. Granted, it is more for the climate here in GA so applications months will vary in TX, but you get the idea.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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