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How to get rid of Cutworms in the Pupa stage?

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So I figured out what it was in my lawn/gardens their are quite a bit for the small area that was dug up but we have cutworm pupas in the soil right now.
Curious what anyone has done to kill them off or is it too early to do anything right now. I currently have Dominion 2.0L and Bifen I/T on hand to use. Wasnt sure if the Dominion 2.0 would work to surpress the pupa or do I need to wait a bit until they are larvae?

Thanks in advance!
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The Larvae life stage has already passed. Once the cutworm is in Pupae form, it is preparing to emerge as a moth.

I would spray or put down a granule labeled for Cutworms immediately . That Pupa stage is only a few weeks long and virtually all cutworm-labeled pesticides will outlast the pupa stage. And anything labeled for cutworms will also be labeled for Moths, so doomsday is coming for that insect, regardless of how protected the cocoon is.
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