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Products I've been trying to get down:
Biostimulant pack..

What would you guys say is the recommended time between certain applications? I sprayed the fungicide yesterday. Can I do FAS this afternoon?


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What type of grass?

Yes you can spray your fas. You can tank mix these items also.

For the biostimulate items you could spray them weekly if you wanted. There really is no guidelines on how often to spray them you won't hurt your lawn. But you may not gain anything either by spraying that often. At most I would spray monthly. I believe the only thing is on the RGS don't spray more then 3oz per 1000 when temps are over 85.

For the fungicide read the label and for whatever fungus your trying to prevent it will tell you how often to spray.

The 46-0-0 you can spoon feed .25-.50lb of N weekly or hit with a 1lb of n monthly. If you have areas that you want to fill in quickly you can even hit it with a 1lb of N weekly. Just depends on what your wanting to accomplish. And how often you want to mow. More N more mowing. Just make sure you water it in after. I put mine down before it's supposed to rain or in the evening and water the next morning.
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