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How long to wait for spring dethatch in MN

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It's a late spring here in MN. My snow has just melted away. Much of the grass is still dormant, with spots of green here and there.

How long should I wait to do a heavy dethatch? I'll be dethatching with a front mounted rotary broom.
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Oops. I should have said that.

The dethatching is part of a smoothing project. I'll be spreading 28 yards of sand in about an acre of lawn to help reduce the bumps. I want to dethatch first.
Pete1313 said:
Ridgerunner said:
spreading 28 yards of sand
By hand!?
You should wait until the turf has fully awoken and is actively growing. A third of a pound of N/M before de-thatching will help recovery.
Agreed. Wait for the turf to get going. That will be a few weeks yet for your area. Dethatch, clean everything up, mow as short as possible, add some N, sand, and then time your pre-m for just after.
Ridgerunner - LOL, no not by hand. That would suck. I'll be using a Turfo f12d for the spreading of sand.

Pete - Thanks for the tips. I wondered about the pre-m. I usually use a fertilizer + crabgrass control granular.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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