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How long for pH to drop?

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How long does naturally acidic soil take to drop?

My UMass test came back with a neutral 7.0 pH. Around here, soils naturally tend to the acidic side and lime is typically an annual exercise. I very rarely lime as I've tended to neglect my lawn. I did a bag (40 pounds?) of dolomite on 2,500 SF around May. Last bag was 2-3 years prior. And then I discovered TLF...

I would like a soil at 6.5-6.8 in the spring. Should I apply gypsum or wait for a natural drop?

Modified Morgan extractable:

Potassium is low at 71 ppm

Ca:Mg seems crazy.
Calcium at 1336 ppm
Magnesium at 276 ppm

Shouldn't that be almost the other way around?

Base saturations:
Ca: 73%
Mg: 25%
K: 2%

CEC: 9.1

My thoughts are to throw some fast-acting gypsum and sulfate of potash at it. Light doses. See what happens.

I don't think the pH is the end of the world but the Ca:Mg looks like it could be a problem.

1. What affect will potassium have on this whole balance?
2. Will pH correct itself in a year or two or should I address it now for best results?
3. Do you think one bag of dolomite earlier in the year had that much of an effect?
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You can add compost yearly to help lower it. Unfortunately it is a longer term project.
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