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How important is even Grubex coverage?

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Have a decent amount of fertilizer and Grubex to put down this weekend. I've always done two perpendicular passes when spreading pretty much anything. Trying to assure even coverage of fertilizer or blanket weed killers.

I was thinking it's probably a little less important when using Grubex. I figure if I miss a few narrow strips, there may be a few grubs in the lawn, in those particular spots, but I've always read that's not really a problem.

Am I thinking about this all wrong or do you think I'm fine with just making a single pass with the Grubex?
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I only ever did single passes with GrubEx, but I was also putting it out 4x per year (Apr, June, Aug, Oct) to fight Sod Webworm.
Its not like the grubs are chained down to one spot. Even if they were you are still covering 95% of your lawn.

As you said, not fertilizer or herbicide. You are good to go.
If your not fighting a infestation just apply it as evenly as possible.
Budget is slim this year so one bag to cover 10k ft2 I will start on the “best” side of the lawn and work my way over. It will run out before I do complete coverage. I have not had grubs in a damaging capacity in years.
I need a new spreader. My scotts DLX has served me well for years but its tossing lighter to one side than ever before so I need to be more mindful of my over lap
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