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Title says it all, especially for you guys running the more advanced greensmowers. If you are setting up to cut at .5" or higher, are you doing anything special to optimize the mower for the job? 8 blade reels, clip kits, fairway knives, any or all of that? I have seen where one of you went to front and rear Whiele rollers and that makes some sense with thicker turf. Do you adjust bedknife attitude to compensate for the mower now sitting more "level" in the turf?

Does any of the above make a difference at these heights?

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I think a grooved front roller is a good idea. The other stuff I would probably wait to address when it comes time to replace worn parts. I am a fan of the 8-blade reel, and I don't see any reason to not go back with a thicker bedknife.

I would say the parts technically make a difference, or they wouldn't bother offering them. Is it enough to matter on a home lawn? Who knows.

The optimal cut is supposed to be when Clip = HOC. My GM1600 (which has an 8-blade reel) has a clip 0.23". The Clip Kit would make it 0.34". So even an 8-blade reel and a clip kit is technically not ideal for a 1/2"+ cut. I think the clip kit for a Toro is about $200.
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