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How do I fertlize shrubs?

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As a shrub, you would think I would know. Oddly enough, steak and whiskey doesn't work for my plants.

I have ligustrums that I'm trying to fertilize.

My understanding is that for ligustrums, they will take a pound of nitrogen, two or three times a year, such as March, May, and July.

My questions are pertaining to the applications.

Can I put the fertilizer over the mulch or do I need to scrape back the mulch, apply fertilizer, water-in, and then reapply the mulch?
Do I need to use a slow release fertilizer, and if so are talking organic or something like PCU/SCU, or can I get away with an all purpose or ammonium sulfate fast release? Lastly, do I need to apply any kind of micronutrient package? Thank you.

These were just planted Fall of 2017, so they are less than a year old, in terms of being transplanted. There were 3-4 gallon sized plants if that gives any indication of actual age.
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I just intentionally 'overthrow' a little of whatever fertilizer I'm spreading with my broadcast spreader into the beds.
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