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How crazy is this change?

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Long time lurker, first post. I renovated my back yard and put new sod down in 2016. Leveled it last year. Over seeded both winters. It was looking pretty good up to two weeks a go. I was hand watering brown spots, as I have some shallow rocks and roots under part of the lawn. I fertilized and cut as normal (2x week, 5/8). It seemed I developed a fungus all at once and it spread rapidly. Last week I sprayed some Bayer bioadvanced Fungus Control. It seems to have stopped the the damage, but wow! This is Tifway 419 in Phoenix.

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Good points thus; and I'll add: Never hurts to pull a couple frisbee sized "discs" of dirt up - say, 3-4" from just around the edges and including green grass - can be amazing what one sometimes finds under the surface, just munnnnnnnchin' away on all them tender, juicy roots!

Afterthought Edit: Dannnnnng, that "before" photo is, well, inspiring! ;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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