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How crazy is this change?

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Long time lurker, first post. I renovated my back yard and put new sod down in 2016. Leveled it last year. Over seeded both winters. It was looking pretty good up to two weeks a go. I was hand watering brown spots, as I have some shallow rocks and roots under part of the lawn. I fertilized and cut as normal (2x week, 5/8). It seemed I developed a fungus all at once and it spread rapidly. Last week I sprayed some Bayer bioadvanced Fungus Control. It seems to have stopped the the damage, but wow! This is Tifway 419 in Phoenix.

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I live in AZ and same thing happened to me that same week. I think I finally figured out it was the very last of the rye grass that had been hanging on late in the season. It all finally died and left some bare spots. Bermuda filled in the bare spots two weeks later.

Did you overseed with rye this past winter? And is that spot a little more shaded that would've allowed the rye grass to survive longer?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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