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Hosta Disease and Pests

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I've been having a hard time keeping my hostas looking decent throughout the growing season and just found this research article that has some really good information in it. If anyone else has any experience and tips please feel free to share here!
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I noticed that article points to slug problems with hostas. While I don't have any hostas in my yard, I did recently have a slug problem, which I noticed after some leaves on my pepper plants were being eaten. When I came out at night to inspect, not only did a find slugs on that plant, but they were all other flowers in pots. It seems they were living in the mulch bed during the day and coming out at night in large numbers. I bought some Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait and sprinkled it around the mulch beds and lawns, and even a bit in the pots as well. Last night I checked and didn't see a single slug, so it may be working.
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