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Honda HRX217 Throttle Cable Adjustment

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Finished the first mow this spring and the rpm speed on my 2009 Honda HRX217HXA has decreased. The last few years I have adjusted the fast rpm's by raising the threads on the end of the cable near the throttle control lever, I have now run out of thread adjustment. Today to increase the rpm's I moved the end of the cable sheathing back in the clamp near the choke control arm which seems to have worked and the clearance on the choke control arm is now correct. This mower is the manual choke setup. Anything else that can be done to adjust fast rpm's or do I need to install a new throttle cable.
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When I got mine from the dealer I had to adjust the governor:
Could be the spring needs replacing. I mean it could be the cable as well but I haven't heard of those cables stretching.
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