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Honda HRR216 vs Toro recycler

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I purchased a Honda HRR216 a week ago and like the way it cuts,but was talking to a guy who has one as a backup to his EXmark for his lawn care business and says that they are junk and break.Something with the self propel and blades.So I asked what he recommended for a homeowner and he said a recycler.Those who have had one or both please let me know your thoughts so that I can exchange it if it truly isn't as good as I though it would be.
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I think that's it, Sam.

Absolutely none of the contractors around here use Honda mowers. Most use some sort of commercial Toro. They are probably heavier, sturdier, and have larger gas tanks.

In the end, it doesn't matter what they use, however, because they use what the owner buys. Maybe he/she gets a good deal or has a good service warranty with them. So home owners shouldn't purchase based on what commercial guys buy without fully knowing why they use what they use.

I doubt a home owner can go wrong with a super recycler or an hrx. Until it's time to use a reel. ;)
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