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Honda HRR216 vs Toro recycler

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I purchased a Honda HRR216 a week ago and like the way it cuts,but was talking to a guy who has one as a backup to his EXmark for his lawn care business and says that they are junk and break.Something with the self propel and blades.So I asked what he recommended for a homeowner and he said a recycler.Those who have had one or both please let me know your thoughts so that I can exchange it if it truly isn't as good as I though it would be.
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I cant speak to either personally, but Allyn Hane of the The Lawn Care Nuts compared the HRX to the Recycler a bit in his lattest videos. He likes them best but commented that he liked the personal pace of the Toro, but the that the Honda was a great cut and just a bit pricy. I recognize that the HRR is a little bit cheaper than the the HRX but likely the same great cut, so hard to say.

I would say that some folks seem particular to the Toro brand and some others to Honda. I guess it's just personal preference.
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